Police seeking owners of riverbed watch haul


Cambridgeshire police have released images of a haul of watches and jewellery discovered in the River Cam close to the East Chesterton area of Cambridge.

A couple are said to have spotted the jewellery glinting under the water, using a hand-held gripper to pick up the items before handing them in to the police.

The items were discovered in the River Cam near Greed Dragon Bridge in the East Chesterton area of the city on Tuesday August 20.


Police are now hoping to trace the owners of the watches and watch parts, as well as the jewellery, including distinctive designs such a bug and spider brooches, charm bracelets and cameos.

Cambridge Police PCSO Janice Upex said: "The couple spotted the items because sun was shining off the metal through the water.

"They carefully picked up every piece then called police to report the find. Hopefully someone will recognise the jewellery and we can return it to them."

Anyone with information can call PCSO Upex by dialling 101.

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