Police retailers unveil broken window display


Police Watches has launched an exciting new window display that has been rolled out across its UK network of retailers.

The campaign has been designed to coincide with the ongoing World Cup in Brazil and creates the illusion of a football having broken through the shopfront glass.

A multimedia concept, the display also uses the sound of breaking glass along with Brazilian music and cheers from the crowd.


Julie Halford, Head of Brand Marketing comments: “This new concept has allowed us to leverage relationships with customers and offer us premium front window positioning throughout the World Cup. We are working with a number of leading independent retailers as well as the Menkind chain to ensure that our customers are able to be fully immersed with our new look.”

The display has been designed to stand out in 10 selected locations including Identity in Derby, Stirlings in Walsall, Peter Jackson in Bury, Chriselli in Brighton, Hugh Rice in Hull, WatchShop in Reading, London Time on Bond Street, a selection of Menkind stores, Debenhams in White City and Shade Station in Leeds.

The window displays have been designed to stand in line with the current global football activity including Police’s UK debut TV campaign and animated digital outdoor advertising in key cities.


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