Polar launches first fully integrated GPS watch

By Craig Heatly

Polar has launched a new watch that it claims is the ideal timepiece for “outdoor athletes”.

The Polar RC3 is said to be the brand’s first fully integrated GPS watch. The company, manufacturers of heart rate monitors, say that it is “well suited to running, cycling, cross country skiing, in-line skating, downriver boating and virtually any outdoor sport you want to measure speed distance and heart rate for".

President of the company, Rusty Squire, added that it was perfect for a gym workout as well.


The sports watch features seven different screen views for sports that can be modified according the users preferred sport and can measure heart rate, speed and distance.

Squire said: “This is the lightest and thinnest GPS watch ever made which should thrill those who have had a hard time adapting to GPS watches due to size or weight issues.

“It also has a 13 hour battery life which between charges which surpasses all but the biggest long course triathlon and adventure watches.”

The watch should be available from September. It is also water resistant in up to 1m of water for 30 minutes, and has sensors to detect wind speeds.


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