Pinion Revival to use new vintage movements


Pinion is set to launch a collection of watches built around rare and historic 20th Century Swiss movements.

The first watch from the new Revival Collection will be released in the summer and will feature a Valjoux 7734, a manually wound chronograph movement first produced in the 1960s. The watch will feature twin sub registers (Bi-Compax), a 45 hour power reserve and date function at the 6 o’clock. Just 100 examples of the watch will be released.

Pinion has secured a stock of unassembled, unused 40 year old Valjoux ébauches, complete with service kits that make full warranty and servicing possible on a new watch using a vintage movement.


The movements will be finished, assembled and tested in Pinion’s English watchmaking facility, The Motion Works, by a team of experienced British Horology Institute qualified watchmakers before the complete watches are assembled in the UK.

Piers Berry, founder and designer, Pinion Watch Company: “In an age where most mechanical watches are automatic by default, I feel there is something truly captivating about a pure handwound watch. The 7734 is an incredibly robust movement, which was developed at a time in the 60s when the Swiss mechanical industry was making bold steps to advance technologies, however this was turned into turmoil in the 1970s with the advent of the Quartz Revolution, nearly destroying the industry. I’m thrilled to be able to revive this iconic movement, in the UK and it will form the first watch in a series for the collection”.

The watch itself is still in the design and development phase and will be just one of a number of watches Pinion has planned for 2014.



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