IN PICTURES: First look at the newly re-opened Rolex boutique on Bond Street


Aurum Holdings dominates the quarter mile at the bottom of Old Bond Street for Rolex watches, with Mappin & Webb presenting the watches in a multi-brand environment, while Watches of Switzerland operates a monobrand Rolex boutique.

The Rolex store re-opened in April following a major refurbishment that brings it fully up-to-date with the latest branding.

Aurum Holdings CEO Brian Duffy gave WatchPro a quick tour of the space last week, and said that the group intends to continue investing in monobrand watch boutiques as well as multibrand stores.


“As far as the customer is concerned, it is very important that when they come into one of our monobrand boutiques, they feel they are in a fully branded environment. Clearly, therefore, you need to have the best products available to them. Why it really works for us as a sector is that we are very good at retail; we have been doing it for longer than anybody else. We are the market leader.

“We have the expertise, the resources, the systems, the digital support, all of the elements you need to be efficient at retail. It is not easy retail in the UK, so you have to be very good at every aspect of it, which we think we are. We can always improve, and we can apply lessons. If brands want a mixture of presentation between multibrand stores and monobrand, then that is something that we can help them with,” he said.

Scroll down for interior and exterior views of the new Bond Street boutique.

Rolex Boutique Opening Old Bond St-4340

Rolex Boutique Opening Old Bond St-4333

Rolex Boutique Opening Old Bond St-4310

Rolex Boutique Opening Old Bond St-4306

Rolex Boutique Opening Old Bond St-4332

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