Philip Stein gets green on environmentally friendly collection with straps made from plastic bottles


Phillip Stein has built on its environmentally friendly offering with the new collection, Limitless.

Adding to the wellness aspect of the brand, Philip Stein sees the environmentally friendly side of the business as another string to its bow.

The unique aspect of the new collection is that all straps are made from recycled plastic bottles.

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Explaining the launch, Paul Nolan, sales director and owner, said: “Basically, it is an environmentally friendly Watch all the straps are made from Recycled plastic bottles.

“So, as well as the wellness aspect of Philip Stein you now have the environmentally friendly side with the straps.”

The companies website goes on to detail how the new Limitless collection by Philip Stein, embedded with unique Natural Frequency Technology, significantly reduces perceived stress and improves overall wellbeing.

All models, available in a varied choice of colours and designers, retail at $395.

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