Peers Hardy’s Paul Harry discusses Pocket launch


Peers Hardy’s sales and marketing director, Paul Harry, talks to WatchPro.com about the impending launch of the company’s fashion watch brand, Pocket.

Can you tell us about the Pocket brand, in terms of the look of the watches, its positioning in the market (including price range), and what inspired you to come up with the concept in the first place?

“Pocket watches are deliberately ostentatious with big bold cases, polished stainless steel and rose gold tones and an array of high quality leather straps in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes. But what makes the brand really stand out are the individually applied 3D oversize ‘numberals’ mixing roman and Arabic hour markers to powerful effect.


“Although there are different sizes, bezel finishes, features and even functions, whether it be a full Pavé dial model or one of the two different size chronographs, the brand is unmistakably Pocket due to the stunning impact of these beautifully sculptured dials. GfK data tells us that the UK consumer is trading up and is prepared to spend more to have a quality product with aspirational design. The launch collection will retail between £135 and £195 but the second product launch for Christmas is already in development and will see prices exceed £200.

“Pocket has been launched to satisfy the growing demand for high quality and aspirational fashion accessories. High ticket price collectable jewellery and uncompromising watches in boyfriend style with bold rose gold bracelets have been phenomenal in recent times, heralding an end to the rather traditional UK market. With the gathering pace of wearable technology, Pocket also is a reminder that watches are as much a piece of jewellery as a timepiece. With so much technology in our lives, Pocket watches are beautiful for beauty’s sake, like a piece of portable art.”

Who are you targeting with Pocket?

“Consumers that are embracing the trend towards ostentation and take a pride in fashion accessories that make a statement about who they are. Perhaps they have bought into the recent popular global trends and now want to stand out from the crowd.”

Why should retailers be interested in stocking Pocket?

“Peers Hardy have proved a dependable partner capable of delivering products that sell. With strong international brands and an exceptional in-house design team, the envy of the industry, Peers Hardy brands deliver that point of difference that attracts consumers to their retailer partners. They also back their brands with exciting and innovative marketing campaigns to drive more revenue through the tills.”

What are you hoping to achieve from the trade by associating yourself with the HOT100 event?

Pocket is the most exciting and adventurous project that Peers Hardy has embarked upon and we are telling consumers and retailers alike that the brand is launching this summer.

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