Pebble makes a splash with second generation smartwatch


The second generation of Pebble’s smartwatch will launch in October, according to tech bloggers.

The company has been a pioneer in the development of smartwatches, but admitted earlier this year that it had reduced its workforce by 25%, a move Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky denied was due to money running out. “We’ve definitely been careful this year as we plan our products,” Migicovsky told Tech Insider in March. “We got this money, but money [among VCs in Silicon Valley] is pretty tight these days.”

Pebble 2 has gone into production following another round of fund raiding on the Kickstarter crowd funding platform that raised almost $13 million.

On the Kickstarter page, Pebble explains: “Since releasing Pebble Health with step- and sleep-tracking last year, we’ve been hard at work evolving our health offerings on Pebble.

“Today we’re introducing our vision for a suite of health services to help you develop and maintain healthy habits. No matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, we believe we can all stand to be a little healthier and happier–whether that’s by coping with stress, staying active, getting the right vitamins and nutrients, or checking in on your mood.

“After raising over $12 million thanks to over 66,000 backers earlier this year the second-generation Pebble 2 smartwatch made its way into production. With shipping expected to take place during September 2016 for early bird backers and during October 2016 for later pledges.”

Features expected in Pebble 2 include a heart rate monitor;  automatic step and sleep tracker; built-in microphone;  music control; up to 7 days of battery; over 10,000 apps & watchfaces. The watch is expected to be water resistant to 30 meters.

Pre-orders are being taken now on the Pebble UK website with price set at £179.95. Delivery for customers that were not part of the crowd funding campaign is set for January 2017.



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