Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition moves from New York to Singapore


Two years after the success of Patek Philippe’s Watch Art Grand Exhibition in New York in 2017, the carnival is moving to Asia this year, opening in Singapore from September 28 to October 13.

2019 is the 200th anniversary of the affluent city state, and Patek Philippe is dedicating a special room to celebrating its history and relationships with neighboring countries.

Singapore and southeast Asia are extremely important markets for Patek Philippe, the brand says, and it is determined to put on a spectacular show.


There will be ten rooms totaling almost 20,000 square feet, where the atmosphere and interest of its salons on Rue du Rhône in Geneva, the manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates, and the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva will be reimagined.

Several limited-edition watches will be launched at the same time as the exhibition and Patek Philippe is promising that it will present a wider range of watches than ever seen before in Singapore.

The Watch Art Grand Exhibition Singapore 2019 takes place in the Marina Bay Sands Theater in the heart of Singapore.

It is free to attend, but tickets must be reserved in advance from the Patek Philippe website.

The ten theme rooms are:

The historic Patek Philippe film is screened here.

Current Collection Room
This room is reserved for the presentation of the current collection. Its interior was inspired by the appointment of the Patek Philippe salons on Rue du Rhône in Geneva.

Napoleon Room
The seductive effect of this room is that it spirits visitors away to the Patek Philippe salons in Geneva, treating them to a fantastic motion-picture panoramic view of Lake Geneva. This is also where the limited special editions created explicitly for the market in Southeast Asia are displayed.

Museum Room
Like the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, this room is subdivided into two departments, one for the Antique Collection, the other for the Patek Philippe Collection.

Rare Handcrafts Room
Artisans demonstrate techniques, especially enameling, with which wristwatches and table clocks are decorated. A selection of watches that would be unthinkable without ancestral skills underscores Patek Philippe’s commitment to rare handcrafts.

Watchmakers Room
Master watchmakers from Patek Philippe invite visitors to take a close look at the inner workings of mechanical timepieces.

Grand Complications Room
A unique overview of the most complicated and innovative Patek Philippe timepieces concentrated in one place. They contributed considerably to the reputation of the manufacture.

Movements Room
This space is dedicated to the extensive range of Patek Philippe movements – from simple calibers to highly elaborate ones developed for the world’s most complicated watches.

Interactive Room
This room allows visitors to immerse themselves in the heart of the Patek Philippe manufacture and the architecture of its movements.

Singapore and Southeast Asia Room
This room pays tribute to Singapore’s 200th anniversary as well as the grand heritage of Singapore and all of Southeast Asia with its rich historic, cultural, artistic, and natural legacy.

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