Patek Philippe pushes professional service promo


Patek Philippe is extending its use of digital advertising to reinforce the brand’s passion for servicing its timepieces throughout their life.

The Service advertising campaign encourages owners to protect their investment in a Patek Philippe watch by having it professionally maintained at an authorised service centre.

Hettich Jewellers in the Channel Islands, Patek Philippe Salon London and Rhone Products UK are the UK service and repair hubs.


“As a family-owned watch company, we are committed to restoring and maintaining all our watches, including those made in 1839,” the campaign message says. “In our family-owned company, we insist that only Patek Philippe trained specialists should service and repair Patek Philippe waches,” it continues.

Patek Philippe insists that its after sales service is not a profit centre, but it is certainly part of the brand’s customer relationship management.

The Service message follows the first chapter of Patek Philippe’s digital advertising campaign, Acoustics, which focused on the company president’s personal testing of each minute repeater.



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