Patek Philippe launches latest digital chapter


Patek Philippe has launched the fourth chapter of its digital advertising campaign, this time focusing on Rare Handcrafts. This online content has now been integrated into the watchmaker’s website patek.com, within a new Insider section.

The launch of the Rare Handcrafts follows on from previous chapters of Patek Philippe’s successful digital advertising campaign and the creation of themed microsites, which first launched at the end of 2011. Rare Handcrafts is the fourth chapter in the series, following on from Acoustics, Service and Ladies. The Rare Handcrafts chapter of the online campaign keeps up the momentum created last spring by the Rare Handcrafts Exhibition at the Geneva Salons.

A statement about the digital campaign said that it: "illustrates the Patek Philippe core brand values with online content tailored to suit the most inquisitive palates from the watch amateur to the collector".


It went on to say: "It offers unique and engaging content about the manufacture, the owning family’s involvement, and the exceptional standards of watchmaking at Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe has a long standing history, as well as an established know-how and expertise in rare handcrafts, illustrated in a large collection of unique and current collection timepieces".

The Rare Handcrafts theme features several films depicting the Patek Philippe heritage in relation to its artisanal skills. Members of the Stern family explain the heritage of rare handcrafts in Geneva and at Patek Philippe, present exquisite timepieces from the Patek Philippe Museum Collection and explore the works of skilled artisans such as marquetry-makers, gem-setters, guillocheurs, chainsmiths, enamellers and engravers. In addition to the films a first 360° exploration of a Dome clock is unveiled.

Along with previous microsites, this new online chapter has been integrated into the corporate website patek.com in a top menu section on the home page, called Insider.

The Rare Handcrafts digital campaign launches in October and is supported with online advertising banners.

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