Oversized and over here — three of our favorite big and bold watch brands


The average size of luxury and mass market watches has been getting smaller for the past two to three years.

Just five years’ ago, brands were routinely making 45mm pieces, with the sweet spot at around 41mm to 42mm.

Without applying any serious research to the topic, it feels like the median purchase would now be a 40mm or even 39mm piece, sizes that are considered gender-neutral these days, and a lot of men are being seen in 36mm watches, a size that was last popular in the 1960s.

Thankfully, watches are not a one-size fits all commodity, and there are still a number of brands specialising in statement pieces designed to be noticed.

GaGà Milano

GaGà Milano is as big and brash as they come, and deliver a whole lot of watch for under $2,000.

It’s big breakthrough in Europe came when Brazilian soccer star Neymar, playing for perennial French champions Paris Saint Germain, took to social media to announce his love of the brand.

That was back in 2016, and he was not paid a penny for the endorsement, but latterly became an official ambassador.

Gaga Milano Unisex Black and Skeleton Manuale 48 Skeleton Watch.

GaGà likes to make 48mm watches with oversized numerals as well.

A couple to consider are the Unisex Black Skeleton Manuale 48 and the Unisex Silver Skeleton and Black Neymar Jr. Limited Edition.

Unisex Black Skeleton Manuale 48 and the Unisex Silver Skeleton and Black Neymar Jr. Limited Edition.

Tonino Lamborghini

Tonino Lamborghini watches are arguably just as brash, and likely to appeal just as much to an athlete being paid $100,000 per week, but are priced in the region of $1,500.

There are quartz pieces like the Silver and Black Spyder X Watch, measuring a hefty 56mm across.

Slightly smaller at 51.5mm x 46mm x 12mm, but packing an automatic Sellita SW200-1 Movement is the  Black DLC Titanium Spyderleggero Skeleton Watch, retailing for around $4,000.

Marathon watches

Canada’s Marathon watch company assembles all of its timepieces in Switzerland, and should be better known because it manufactures incredibly rugged pieces for military and emergency services around the world.

It has been a go-to supplier for Canadian and other armed forces during conflicts like the first Gulf War and the Afghanistan mission to flush out Al Quaeda and the Taliban after 9/11, and during these times its production increased from around 100,000 watches per year to 150,000.

Like I say, a massive company most people have never heard of.

That is likely to change in the coming year as it moves more into wholesale and retail, promoting its super tough and often super-sized watches through jewelers and outdoor activity retailers.

Its best seller is in the naval category, where it Jumbo Diver weighs in at 46mm; enough real estate to ensure it is highly legible, even when complications like a chronograph are added.

Quartz and automatic movements are offered in the range, but the best of the collection is a thee hand automatic with day and date that retails for €2,100 on a chunky steel bracelet.



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