Oris-sponsored diver breaks record


Over 150 participants from more than 30 countries plunged into the Messinian Bay, located in the Greek town of Kalamata, to compete in the Aida Free Diving World Championships last week.

Oris brand ambassador and German free diving champion Anna Von Boetticher went to the competition hoping to break her personal record of a 76m deep dive in the constant weight discipline. Unfortunately, a foot injury ten days prior to the competition kept Von Boetticher out of the water for several days, preventing her from training.

Despite the disadvantage, Von Boetticher pulled off a dive of 81metres, setting a new German national record and taking fifth place. In the free immersion event on the last day of the competition, she dove without a fin to a depth of 73 metres, taking third and earning a bronze medal.


In a press release, Von Boetticher stated: "Due to the injury, this was a mentally challenging competition for me. I am really pleased with my results under difficult circumstances and have hugely enjoyed the deep dives in the clear blue waters of the Messinian Bay. It’s time to return home for a while, but I can’t wait to see the Ocean again."

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