Oris organizes 1000 volunteers to pick up garbage from rivers and coastlines for World Clean-Up Day


Oris has a long-standing commitment to supporting environmental and social responsibility causes, and is at it again this month with backing for this year’s World Clean Up Day.

The project, which reaches a peak of activity on September 14, aims to keep the earth’s oceans clean and, in particular, free of plastics.

To coincide with its participation in World Clean-Up Day 2018, Oris is introducing a Divers Sixty-Five on a strap made of recycled plastic. The watch will go on sale this month for CHF 2000 (around $2000).


Across the world, 15 Oris subsidiaries are putting together teams that will go out during World Clean-UP day to pick up garbage from rivers and coastlines. It is hoped that over 1000 people will volunteer.

“As an independent Swiss watch brand, we’re proud of our watchmaking traditions, but we’re also very passionate about bringing change to our world for the better, and in particular about conserving the world’s environment. Our goal is to protect the environment and to support other areas in the world in need of conservation,” says Oris Chairman Ulrich W. Herzog.

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