Oris continues support for ocean conservation with cash from limited edition sales

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Oris marked World Oceans Day this week with the launch of limited edition watches that will raise money for marine conservation projects.

The Swiss watchmaker is working with eight ocean protection organisations on a continuous basis, supporting their work through sales of its limited edition watches.

This year, Oris has teamed up with the non-profit organisations Pelagios Kakunjá and the Coral Restoration Foundation in its quest to bring change for the better.

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Pelagios Kakunjá is on a mission to better understand the movements and migratory patterns of top predators. Through sales of its new Hammerhead Limited Edition, Oris is sponsoring a project to conserve the endangered Scalloped Hammerhead in the Eastern Pacific, funding MiniPAT satellite transmitters used  in a shark-tracking survey.

Data gathered from these will be used to help advise government agencies on fishing practices, one of the greatest threats to sharks.

Oris is also supporting the Coral Restoration Foundation, a Florida-based organisation whose pioneering projects are reversing the destruction of the world’s corals. The foundation runs outplanting programmes, repopulating damaged reefs with threatened species such as the Staghorn Coral. Oris is supporting this vital work through sales of the Oris Staghorn Restoration Limited Edition.

“The key to conservation is acknowledging there’s a problem, but that together we can do something about it,” says Oris chairman Ulrich W. Herzog.

“Oris is extremely proud to work with these two fantastic  organisations  and  to  be  supporting  their  vital  work through these two limited edition watches. The future of the world, the future of the human race depends on vibrant, healthy oceans and its incumbent on all of us therefore to contribute to their conservation. World Oceans Day provides us with  a moment to celebrate our oceans and the activities of organisations such as Pelagios Kakunjá and the Coral Restoration Foundation, and also to remind ourselves of our collective duty to our planet,” he adds.

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