Original designer evolves Braun’s 1989 AW 10 watch for a modern customer

AW_10_EVO and AW_10_EVO_B front_shadow

The design DNA of Braun’s original analogue wristwatch, the AW 10 that launched in 1989, is proving as relevant today in the 2018 AW 10 EVO that goes on sale this fall.

One of the original Braun designers Dietrich Lubs, who insists watches display the time in the most functional way possible, has evolved the 29-year old design for the current model, which comes in a 39mm matte stainless steel case on a leather strap.

“For this evolution project, it was very important to preserve the history and character of the original AW 10. The basic idea was to follow a classic, mathematical and clear geometry – with the case enlargement being a nod towards watch trend progression,” Mr Lubs, product lead and designer of the evolution at Braun, says.

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Richard Benc – product manager for Braun timepieces, adds: “Dietrich’s methodical approach and his passion to achieve functional design was at the forefront during each stage of the evolution project. It has been a privilege to work with such a renowned designer and a true legend of the design industry.”


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