Omega responds to selective spare parts policy


Omega has claimed that its new policy of only supplying official spare parts to official service centres will not result in a restriction of supply.

The policy came to light last month when parts wholeseller Cousins revealed on its website that Omega would no longer be supplying it, or any other wholesellers, with parts after December 2015.

In a statement issued to WatchPro.com, a spokesman for Omega said: “Omega has a clear goal with its decision to supply watch parts only to authorized service centres: to ensure that the work done on Omega watches is of a uniformly high quality. A customer who entrusts a watch to one of these authorized Omega Service Centres should feel confident that the service provided will correspond to our brand’s strict quality standards.


“Omega’s aim is to deliver fast, reliable, high-quality service that meets the needs of its customers. To achieve this, we decided several years ago to opt for a selective spare parts distribution system harmonized at the European level. This measure ensures the supply of original Omega spare parts to our authorized Omega Service Centres. The authorization for watchmakers and companies is implemented and monitored through assessments of the working environment, equipment and brand-specific tooling required to service Omega timepieces.”

The statement goes on to deny that the policy amounts to a restriction of supply due to the increased number of service centres that have been granted official status recently.

“It should be pointed out that Omega is not restricting the deliveries of spare parts to watchmakers and service centres. In fact, since the introduction of the selective spare parts distribution network in the UK, more than 800 agreements have been issued. This ever-growing network provides end customers with an extensive range of possible authorized Omega Service Centres. Any individual or company can apply to be a member of the network.”

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