Omega makes $55,000 Speedmaster Moonwatch in platinum


Which is the greater technical challenge: creating a mechanical chronograph capable of keeping perfect time all the way to the moon and back or arranging for an e-mail blast to land at the precise moment The Eagle touched down on the lunar surface 50 years on?

Omega, remarkably, managed both, and on the exact 50th anniversary moment of Commander Neil Armstrong and Pilot Buzz Aldrin (wearing his Omega Speedmaster Professional) first walked on the moon, the company announced the launch of another anniversary Moonwatch — the third this year.

We have previously seen limited editions in gold and then steel, and now we have a platinum edition.




It is the first to use Omega’s re-issued Calibre 321 chronograph movement. The original 321 powered the first Speedmaster made in 1957, and was used a variety of space-bound models including the Speedmaster ST 105.003 (the model tested and qualified by NASA and worn by astronaut Ed White during the first American spacewalk) and the Speedmaster ST 105.012 (the first watch worn on the moon on the 21st of July, 1969).



The 42mm Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 Platinum that was unveiled at the weekend has a sapphire crystal caseback exposing the movement.

Its step dial, circled by a ceramic tachymeter bezel is made from deep black onyx with white gold indexes and hands.

The watch will be on sale at the end of this year. A dollar price has not yet been revealed, but the Omega UK office gave us a sterling price of £45,000 so likely to be around $55,000.

Omega says it is not a limited edition “but will be limited production”.

It will go on sale at both Omega authorized dealers and direct from Omega stores and its ecommerce sites.


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