Omega backs space junk janitor


Saving the planet has become de rigueur among watchmakers, but Omega is going one giant leap further by supporting a project to clean up space.

Omega will forever be remembered for making the watches for the first moon landing, and has continued its connection to conquering space since that 1969 mission.

Now it is joining forces with ClearSpace, which is working on solutions to remove dangerous debris — space junk — that is orbiting the earth.


There are thousands of satellites orbiting earth, many of which have failed and become uncontrollable objects that could smash into other satellites.

Omega president and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann, Prof. Claude Nicollier & CEO of ClearSpace, Luc Piguet.

ClearSpace is developing technologies to capture and de-orbit obsolete objects threatening space operations and provides in-orbit services to support institutions and commercial operators to accomplish their space sustainability.

In 2020, ClearSpace signed a service contract with the European Space Agency worth €86 million for the first space debris removal mission in 2025.

Omega is collaborating with ClearSpace to perform the first ever capture and removal of an uncontrolled space satellite — stage one of a long-term project to create an affordable service for space debris removal.

Omega president and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann called the partnership a logical next step for a brand with a proud history of both space exploration and earth conservation.

“ClearSpace is one of the most important, inspiring and exciting projects since the launch of the Apollo missions,” he adds.

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