Omate TrueSmart smart watch gets go-ahead funding


Water resistant smart watch Omate TrueSmart has hit its funding target as part of the Kickstarter initiative and is now due to go into production.

Through online pledges, the smart watch, which has an incorporated five megapixel camera, has raised more than $100,000 (£63,760) on Kickstarter, which funds various creative projects, via website pledges.

The water resistant smart watch, can work either independently from all smart phones or with a smart phone as a companion if preferred. While other designs have required the user to have their smart phone with them, this model boasts that this is unnecessary. The watch functions with 3G, voice activation and gestures.

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The Omate TrueSmart creators call it "the truly smart generation Smart watch 2.0" and states that they have been working on designing smart watches for more than a year and that this design is now ready for production.

Among its abilities, the watch includes text messaging functions, social media messaging, sports apps, tracking tools, an SOS device, GPS navigation and can be controlled through gesture and voice.
Smart watch developers Pebble received funding from Kickstarter last year.

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