NOMOS resists rising tide of online hatred, disinformation and conspiracy theories


NOMOS Glashütte has joined and gone public about its membership of The Business Council for Democracy (#BC4D), an organization that connects citizens and businesses so they can work together to promote social cohesion in the face of the rising tide of online hatred, disinformation and conspiracy theories.

The German watchmaker says it is supporting #BC4D in part because it has seen the damage that eroding freedoms and a rising tide of extremism can have on a society since Glashütte (pictured above) was on the communist-ruled side of the Iron Curtain before German reunification in 1990.

NOMOS says it would not exist had the Soviet Union survived, with its choke hold on individual and institutional freedom. “Democracy forms the bedrock of our business,” the company states.


Through workshops for employees, NOMOS Glashütte has already been actively supporting democratic values for almost three years.

“Democracy must be self-evident everywhere, it can’t allow itself to be threatened by hate speech online,” says NOMOS CBO Judith Borowski.

“And we as businesses are especially dependent on structures based on the rule of law; democracy forms the bedrock of our business.”

The founding of NOMOS Glashütte itself was only possible because citizens of the former GDR took to the streets to protest for democracy. This spirit must be upheld today, Ms Borowski believes.

“Workers who think critically and are proactive create more resilient companies and make society as a whole more resistant to populism.”

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