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New York artist Alec Monopoly works with Jacob & Co. on unique Astronomia watches


Jacob & Co. is working with New York street artist Alec Monopoly on a new watch collection expected to be unveiled this summer.

No watch images have yet been released, only the teaser images (above), but Benjamin Arabov, Jacob & Co. CEO, says the collection will be based on its Astronomia planetary timepiece, some of which sell for over $1 million.

“We are excited to create a limited series of masterpieces that will truly be works of art,” Mr Arabov says. “The reason we’re partnering with Alec is because his mission and goals align with ours, which is risk taking and exploring the endless abilities of creativity and innovation.”

Astronomias’ spacious cases and highly complex movements will provide an environment for Alex Monopoly art.

Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co., first met Mr Monopoly in 2019 and immediately started talking about combining their creativity to create a limited series of timepieces. Arabo says Monopoly shares many of the traits he has, particularly when they were first starting out.

“Alec is a young artist that started his career taking risks and not thinking twice about it,” Jacob Arabo says. “He acted as if he had nothing to lose and he continued to persist until he broke through to become world famous for his creativity and unique angle. I started out the same way by doing something different and unique and I persisted until I was able to break through.”

Alec Monopoly has a celebrity following for his street art including Philipp Plein, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, Adrien Brody and Iggy Azalea.

Monopoly says he is looking forward to making his mark with Jacob & Co. and is particularly interested in seeing his artwork inside the Astronomia case.

“Jacob & Co. represents the height of luxury and horological complications, it’s an honor to add my art to such a limited and meticulously made watch,” Monopoly says.

“This collaboration with Jacob & Co. represents the first time I will be hand painting a watch collection, and the smallest canvas I have ever worked on. I can’t wait to add some Graffiti to Jacob & Co. and learn from their watchmaker artisans in Switzerland!”



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