New Watch Week from aBlogtoWatch to broadcast interviews and reviews of 2021 novelties


WatchPro’s aversion to new watch presentations by webinars is well documented and it seems California-based aBlogtoWatch shares our fatigue.

The digital title, read by around 2 million watch enthusiasts every month, has unveiled an event called New Watch Week, which will run from May 24 to 28.

It will take place online, but will be hosted and presented by the impartial aBlogtoWatch, hopefully giving it a bit more bite than presentations by brand executives.

Ariel Adams.

“This is not just another Zoom meeting,” aBlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams promises.

“During a time where trade shows have been put on hold for the foreseeable future, New Watch Week provides a unique opportunity for brands to connect directly with an eager watch audience. While nothing can fully replace a live event, New Watch Week is truly the next best thing. Your brand will be able to engage directly with known consumers via a bespoke live presentation session hosted by a senior aBlogtoWatch team member. Furthermore, aBlogtoWatch will create beautiful original photography and video assets for each of the watches being presented. In combination with aBlogtoWatch’s impressive  editorial  reach,  exhibitors  can   receive  as much, if not more, visibility than they would via a traditional in-person trade show event,” he adds.

Multimedia content has mushroomed during the pandemic, and social media has provided a vehicle to reach millions of potential customers for watch brands.

aBlogtoWatch will share video, interviews and reviews of new watches across its social channels, which reach 317,000 Instagram followers and 143,000 YouTube subscribers.

Brands are being invited to submit 2021 watches for review by the aBlogtoWatch team ahead of the New Watch Week in May, and to line up executives for interviews.

“Watch brands send us watches to Los Angeles, where we have partnered with a local watch store for safe and secure storage. Once we have the watches the aBlogtoWatch team will produce our own high-quality photography and video snippets of the watches,” Mr Adams describes.

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