New Struthers for Morgan watch to show in Geneva


Struthers London is to unveil the latest watch from its ongoing partnership with Morgan Motor Company at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

The new limited edition has been designed as a companion piece for a new Morgan car which will also be premiered at the show on March 3.

The announcement will arrive one year after husband and wife watchmakers Craig and Rebecca Struthers revealed their first timepiece for the hallowed British sports car manufacturer, the Struthers for Morgan, at the same show. WatchPro named the Struthers for Morgan watch as one of its top ten Luxury Watches of the Year for 2014 in November. 

Founding director Craig Struthers commented on how far the pair has gone to mirror the design language used by Morgan in their latest watch, saying: “this new model will explore just how far you can push watch-car collaborative design. Simply putting a logo on a dial wasn’t enough for us; we wanted to see how far we could mirror the forms and energy of the new car within our case design so that even without any branding, you could hold the watch in front of the car and see the synergy between the two.”

Morgan’s head of design Jon Wells has also been working closely with the Struthers on the new design. He said: “we have had such an amazing year and shared many successes working with the Struthers. I have enormous respect for both Craig and Rebecca as designers and craftsmen. Discussing with them the thinking behind this car, and helping to translate its charm into an timepiece of this calibre, has been an incredibly rewarding experience”.



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