NEW PRODUCTS: Montblanc’s Villeret ExoTourbillon


The Villeret ExoTourbillon Chronographe is the first watch in Montblanc’s Villeret 1858 Collection to unite the chronograph and the tourbillon, and it executes this with brute force.

This almost aggressive-looking watch combines a large minute hand, elapsed-seconds hand at the centre of the dial, a small circle for the hours and a second timezone, small hand for continually running seconds and a chronograph with 360-minute counter.

The first Montblanc Collection Villeret 1858 Tourbillon was launched in 2010, complete with a patent. For 2013, the brand has launched it in 18ct gold with a 3D dial and its balance separated from the tourbillon cage to isolate it from the disturbing movements of the escapement.


The separation has enabled Montblanc to create the world’s first tourbillon with a rotating cage that is smaller than the balance, oscillating outside of the cage and on a higher plan, which denotes the new model’s Greek-inspired name, Exo, meaning outside.

The balance on the Exo is sat between two jewels with the tourbillon turning at the foot of the axis. Montblanc explains the reason for this: the traditionally large balance would have required a comparably large rotating cage if it had been positioned within a conventional tourbillon. The Exo’s smaller tourbillon has less mass and thus requires less energy to complete its rotations. Further, the rotating cage is freed from the weight of the balance, which also eases the amount of energy needed.

The 47mm ExoTourbillon Chronographe will be strictly limited edition, with only one watch made in platinum, along with limited editions totalling eight pieces each in 18ct white gold and 18ct red gold.

The Montblanc Villeret ExoTourbillon Chronographe’s Features

– A Calibre 16.60 is a chronograph movement
– Balance oscillates at 18,000 semi-oscillations per hour (2.5 hertz)
– Two different time zones
– Strictly limited edition

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