NEW PRODUCTS: Chopard inspired by director Fellini


Chopard has created La Strada, a product line of watches and jewellery that pay tribute to legends of 1950s Italian cinema.

La Strada references a 1954 Italian neo-realist drama directed by Federico Fellini, which made him a household name and earned him his first international success.

The Chopard designs honour Fellini’s associations with the glamour of the 50s and a synonymous timeless beauty of women.


Chopard co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele, commented: “Chopard has always been keen to support and accompany actors and actresses and we wished to pay tribute with La Strada to the producer who perhaps did the most to put women in the spotlight. In designing this model, I found myself entranced by all these cinematographic images. Looking at a film reel and remembering the ‘San Pietrini’ – the typical paving stones of the streets of Rome, inspired me for the lines of La Strada. This collection is a tribute to black and white movies, to Fellini’s film-making, and to the timeless appeal of cinema.”

Chopard’s latest collection is yet further testimony to its ties with cinema and includes a collection of watches and jewellery embodying the grace and spirit of La Strada.

In terms of the watch offer, the pure, geometrical lines of the case are said to have connotations with both the graphic symmetry of a film reel and the motif formed by the paving stones of the streets of Rome. Meanwhile, the mesh bracelet highlights its inimitable femininity. The watches are available in quartz and mechanical versions and come in a wide array of variations, including, white, rose or yellow gold; gem-set or polished, as well as in full-pavé versions.

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