New Philip Stein watch tests “outperform” placebos


Philip Stein has announced the results of its latest study into its natural frequency technology watches, stating that true models with the technology outperformed placebos in a series of blind tests.

The brand held double blind studies at the Kennedy Space Centre, and says the results show that those subjects wearing Philip Stein watches “may experience reduced stress and increased wellness”.

It worked with Dr Philippe Souvestre, an expert in neuroscience, aerospace medicine, and sports medicine, on the trials.


The subjects were selected because many believed they were living with high levels of long-term stress. Every subject was tested before and after wearing a Philip Stein watch, as well as a placebo watch. The studies were all carried out as controlled, double blind, random clinical trials.

While preliminary testing is complete no official figures have been released, but Souvestre suggests that the brand’s natural frequency technology embedded in every Philip Stein timepiece had “a physiological impact on the body that may ultimately result in less stress and increased wellness compared to the placebo group”.

The physiological tasks were chosen and analysed by Dr Souvestre in each study, based on subjects’ ability to maintain balance; visually focus and track moving objects; and exert less cardiovascular effort in reacting to sudden changes in body position, from inverted to upright.

The technology within the watches is said to mimic the frequencies of the organs, tissue, cells, and molecules found in the human, called called Harmonic Resonance Frequency (HRF), with the disks within Philip Stein watches said to “help reset the body to its ideal HRF”.


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