New brand Non-Stop Watches designed to target younger buyers


LA-based global retailer ClassWatches is hoping to capture the under-targeted younger demographic with a new brand called Non-Stop Watches.

It said that Non-Stop Watches will be targeted at buyers in the 25-45 age range, with all products coming in at under $1,000.

It stated that its mid-market offerings will suit first-time buyers of mechanical watches.


“They are offered like any premium watch,” Non-Stop Watches wrote, “with a substantial box and a two year warranty, with free shipping worldwide.

“We also have additional accessories like deployment buckles and different straps, with quick release tabs, available to customize a watch.”

Meanwhile, the company’s ClassWatches vendor has online stores on eBay and Chrono 24.

It claims to offer every major Swiss and German brand, as well as producing a line of Tourbillon watches under the Pier & Lev brand, limited to 18 pieces per year.

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