Neuhaus creates “most accurate” mono-hand watch


Emerging German watch brand Neuhaus has unveiled its debut timepiece – a mono-hand watch called the Janus Doublespeed, something it dubs "the most accurate" mono-hand watch available.

The limited edition watch was dreamt up by Manuel Neuhaus, who was inspired by the struts of a parasol while dozing on holiday. 

He said: "The idea rised to me when I was dazing under a sunshade, staring up at it absent minded.

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"My half-awake spirit murmured something like: "What a weird piece of a watch must that be, if it were able to show the time inside this parasol.

"So I left it at that rather inept comment [but] the other part of my mind, the one that wanted to enjoy the holidays but was hassled by self-doubts and remorse, started up asking: "What do you mean, watch?“, hoping to contribute in any way to the solution of the plenty of problems within the design of mono-handed watches."

He said his "subconciousness and to start to count the struts of the parasol", which has inspired the dial design for the watch.

The resulting watch has an hour hand that runs at double speed, meaning it covers a 12 hours period in two rotations of the dial. 

The stainless steel automatic watch, of which 99 pieces in each version – milanese or leather strap – will be made, measures 36mm and has a black dial with luminous details. 

It is part made in Germany and part made in Switzerland and has a power reserve of 38 hours.

View the video below for more details from Neuhaus himself.


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