Netflix star steps up to the mark as Kronaby’s first global brand ambassador


Contemporary connected watch brand Kronaby has inked a deal with Matias Varela, best known for his role Netflix’s Narcos.

The Swedish actor has also appeared in Assassin´s Creed, Point Break and the high-octane Swedish crime thriller Easy Money.

Kronaby, which also hails from Sweden, is an early pioneer in quality connected hybrid timepieces. Its mission is to produce watches with the quality and wearability of regular analogue watches, but to incorporate tracking technology that speaks to smartphone apps.

As the face of the connected watch brand, Mr Varela will star in the ‘Connected. Not distracted.’ advertisements across all media channels, and will represent the brand at selected events. Starting on April 19th, Varela’s partnership with Kronaby will roll out globally throughout 2018.

“Dividing my time between acting jobs in Hollywood and Europe and family life in Stockholm, it is easy to become hyper-connected, over-stimulated, distracted and alienated from the things that really matter”, said Varela. “I want to be present in the moment. My Kronaby eliminates all distractions and is fundamental in helping me achieve a more mindful approach to life.”

Henrik Jarl, global head of marketing and communications at Kronaby, added: “At Kronaby, we strive to follow our brand vision – technology made human – in everything we do. We realign technology to make it work for the user, not the other way around.

“Since Matias embraces the same philosophy, teaming up with him to share this powerful, potentially life-elevating message, was a no-brainer.”



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