Mystery Omega Moon landing anniversary timepiece goes on sale for $9,650


Omega did not invite the press to its 2019 kick-off meeting in Zurich and its retailers are sworn to secrecy over what is being launched later this year.

With the 50th anniversary of man’s first landing on the moon, with Omega Speedmasters keeping time on the Apollo 11 mission, the brand is certain to have surprises up its sleeve.

It is possible to jump the queue for a limited edition Moon Watch that will launch later this year, but customers have to stump up the full price of $9,650 for a watch that have not yet been unveiled.


WatchPro visited Omega stores on New York’s 5th Avenue and the Brookfield Place shopping mall next to the World Trade Center and was told that, for a 100% deposit, we would be guaranteed one of the limited edition Speedmaster Moon Watches when they arrive.

However, the store consultants could not say when the watch would launch, they had not seen pictures of it, knew nothing about its architecture or materials, and could not say how many would be made.

What they were willing to say was that demand was certain to exceed supply, so the upfront payment of $9,650 was securing a watch for which there would be a 1,500 person waiting list.

A retail expert who specializes in profiting from the secondary market told WatchPro to “take the shot,” but discretion proved to be the better part of valor and we made our excuses and left.

The only Speedmaster publicly revealed so far this year was a recreation of a gold and burgundy edition (pictured top) that was gifted to Apollo 11 astronauts and ground crew after their successful mission.

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