Mühle-Glashütte adds tachymeter to its 2017 Tutonia Sport chronograph

Muehle-Glashuette_Teutonia Sport I

Mühle-Glashütte has added a tachymeter to its 2017 Tutonia Sport I chronograph, giving people the ability to record both time and speed over a distance of 100 metres.

The watch will be presented to retailers for the first time at Baselworld next month.

The German watchmaker believes the watch will appeal to speed lovers, and paints a picture of zooming through the great outdoors wearing the new Tutonia Sport I, which will retail for £3080 in the UK.

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“Be it roaring down the Nürburgring race track or speeding down the slopes in the Swiss Alps, the new Teutonia Sport I doesn’t just thrive on measuring the time it takes to cover a certain distance, but also loves to reveal speed measurements at a glance too. This special feature of the new sport chronograph from the German town of Glashütte is all thanks to its clever tachymeter function, which makes the Teutonia Sport I the ideal companion when it comes to recording both time and speed,” the company says.

“There’s nothing better than grabbing your sports car, motorbike or mountain bike, putting the pedal to the metal and seeing just how fast you can really go. With the tachymeter function of the Teutonia Sport I, you can now even convert the feeling of the wind in your hair into real speed-related figures. The red scale on the flange of the watch enables you to read your speed over a distance of 1000 metres at a glance,” it describes.

The 42.6mm brushed or polished steel case with bi-directional bezel houses an MU9413 automatic movement with stop-second, fast date correction and 48-hour power reserve.

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