Mr Jones introduces The Green Man to Britain


Mr Jones has unleashed The Green Man, the latest creation from its watch design studio on the South Bank of London’s river Thames.

The watch’s watch depicts the ancient, mythological character of The Green Man.

The time is displayed on The Green Man’s teeth – the upper jaw shows the hours and the lower the minutes.


The watch has a jump-hour mechanical mechanism, so the hour display flips automatically as the minutes pass from 59 to 0.

“The watch is a celebration of the cycle of renewal, in mythology The Green Man is associated with the end of Winter and the arrival of Spring. In England the character is most often encountered today as the name of a pub – a link between the ancient and modern folk culture,” the company explains.

The £195 watch is limited to 100 pieces, each numbered on the case back. It is on sale at the Mr Jones web site.

The company’s other stockists in the UK are Tombland Jewellers & Silversmiths in Norwich, Preston & Duckworth in Bury St Edmunds and its own flagship store in Oxo Tower on the banks of the Thames.


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