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Moser & Cie adds midnight blue dial to its Swiss Alp Watch line

Swiss Alp Watch

Moser & Cie has introduced a midnight blue dial to its Swiss Alp Watch line, which was introduced this year with a message that the watchmaker would not be dragged into the race to add connectivity and smart features to its timepieces.

In January 2016, H. Moser & Cie made a tongue in cheek announcement about the launch of its Swiss Alp Watch; noting that its fully mechanical Swiss made movement was a direct response to the noise around smartwatches.

“We’re not straying; we’re remaining true to the tradition of mechanical watchmaking; that’s what we do, and we do it well,” the company said.


Traditional watch collectors applauded with their wallets, snapping up the 50 Swiss Alp watches that the company made immediately.

Moser & Cie. is an advocate of traditional watchmaking values, retaining a sense of humour and a subtly provocative character that have become its signature while blending classic with sexy. The Swiss Alp Watch S fits perfectly into this collection. Its rectangular case with soft, rounded corners is topped by a crystal with curved edges, for a resolutely contemporary look. The classic dial reveals a deep, mysterious lustre in midnight blue fumé.

This effect is further enhanced by the refined black alligator strap and by the form movement that drives it – the hand-wound HMC 324 calibre. With this combination of traditional cues and current lines, the H. Moser Swiss Alp Watch retains an allure that is both symbolic and spirited.

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