Moritz Grossman anniversary auction nets close to $500,000 for 24 timepieces.


An auction to mark the 10th anniversary for the modern day Moritz Grossmann watchmaker has sold all 24 timepieces put up for sale.

The auction held by Christie’s as part of its Winter Holiday Sale netted a total of $457,000 for the 24 watches.

The highest price of $52,500 was paid for a Moritz Grossmann, Benu Tourbillon in Green (pictured top). The same watch in Orange sold for $50,000.


Moritz Grossman was one of the founding companies of the watchmaking movement in Glashütte, eastern Germany, in the 19th century. But like all its contemporaries the company had to switch its output towards supporting the German war effort in the 1930s and 40s and was then nationalised by the Soviet Union as it found itself on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain after World War II.

Brought back to life in 2008, the company has since focused on low production runs of highly complex and artistic pieces.

Christie’s watch specialist, Ryan Chong, describes Moritz Grossman as “German watchmaking’s rising star”.




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