Morellato moves into quick release Milanese bracelets


Replacement watch straps can be a key part of a jeweler’s business. They help refresh the look of the customer’s watch and make for profitable additional sales for the retailer.

Morellato is an Italian watch strap supplier that’s always considered straps not only as a spare parts, but also as a lifestyle accessory that can complete and enhance a customer’s watch and outfit.

The Morellato story started in 1930 when Giulio Morellato, born into a family of artisans specialized in the production of leather goods and footwear, opened a small workshop in Venice, where he was able to put his passion in creating watch straps.


Italian craftsmanship is still today one of the biggest trademarks of Morellato’s products. For 80 years it has been official supplier of some of the most prestigious Swiss watchmakers and international fashion and luxury brands.

The continuous research for new materials and colors, high quality standards, and all the most rigorous environmental certifications have made the difference.

Morellato offers a complete and, at the same time, unconventional selection of straps, that really match every taste of consumers. The latest trends in the market are about minimalist design, so its watch straps are smooth and stitchless, with natural tones in leather and natural pastel colors.

Morellato has a stake in the sport strap market, with a whole range of straps that are water resistant that fit perfectly with a divers’ watch. Here, the style is about the combination of different materials, like rubber and leather or rubber and fabric, and they use intense tones and contrasting details, like the stitches or the edges. They offer a two year warranty with their water resistant straps.

Morellato takes interchangeable straps very seriously, and calls the mechanism ‘Easy Click’.

It’s launched a complete collection of leather straps and Milanese mesh bands with the Easy Click spring bars that has several USPs: speeds up the sales in the stores, gives the chance to customers to buy multiple straps, and gives end customers the possibility to change the straps by themselves using no tools.

“It’s a consumer friendly approach that allows also the chance to easily sell the easy-click straps online”, says Massimo Carraro, President of Morellato.


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