Montegrappa signs up for London Watch Show 2014


Luxury pen and watch maker Montegrappa has announced it will be exhibiting at the London Watch Show 2014 in July.

The Italian company is the world’s oldest manufacturer of luxury writing instruments, having been established in 1912 in the same Bassano del Grappa building it is still based today.

The company is the latest to announce it will be at the London show which will be held at London’s Freemasons’ Hall between July 6-7.


Here WatchPro.com speaks to Montegrappa director Frances Mollinghoff.

What can visitors expect to see from Montegrappa at the London Watch Show?
Montegrappa will be showcasing several exciting new watch collections, notably the Fortuna and Parola lines. Visitors can also expect to view the entire Montegrappa lifestyle range, including the latest Limited Edition writing instruments honouring footballing icon Pelé and F1 Legend Ayrton Senna.

What makes Montegrappa different from the other London Watch Show exhibitors?
Montegrappa has a long history of mixing tradition and innovation. Unlike many brands, Montegrappa combines extremely diverse elements into their designs to create unique, progressive pieces while still staying true to their Italian roots. Montegrappa’s charm comes not only from the products themselves but also from their unique packaging and its rich brand heritage, which we look forward to sharing with visitors to the show.

How beneficial is it that the UK now has a watch trade exhibition in the form of the London Watch Show?
It is extremely beneficial to have the London Watch Show as it offers an excellent platform for brands to connect with new retailers in a focused, hands on environment. As relative newcomers to the watch business, Montegrappa is excited to have this opportunity to engage directly with the UK market.


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