Montblanc goes modern with tactical millennial focus


In an interview with Luxury Society, Nicolas Baretzki has shared that Montblanc is trying to move into a newer market, one of smartwatches, Millennials and technology.

With the new face of Montblanc in China being heartthrob actor, singer and dancer Yang Yang (pictured above), it shows that the company is trying to appeal not only to younger clients but also break into the rapidly growing market of luxury goods in China.

“…we are looking more and more into target groups like the Millennials. For these young professionals, it is all about individuality and self-expression. We have a portfolio of products that gives them different ways to express their style, and many of our products offer customisable options such as different straps and even watch faces on our Summit smartwatch.” said Montblanc in the Luxury Society interview.


Unlike other luxurious watch brands, Montblanc opted to embrace the smartwatch trend by creating a completely digital smartwatch instead of the hybrid solutions many other brands choose. The sub-£800 Summit smartwatch also clocks in cheaper than the majority of traditional Montblanc pieces, furthering the idea of reaching out to a younger audience.

Montblanc and other Richemont Group companies have also been busy setting up an online presence when it comes to buying watches. The belief is that digital stores will reach out to an audience the brick and mortar stores never could. “We see it as a great opportunity to offer the best solutions for our customers. As digital technology becomes a central part of life it opens a whole new world in terms of purchasing experience. It is a great opportunity to target younger audiences and digital professionals as well.”

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