Mondaine maintains carbon neutrality for second year

Andre Bernheim.

While most businesses are beginning to address their impact on global warming, Mondaine completed its mission to become carbon neutral in 2020 and built on this achievement throughout the past year.

Andre Bernheim, chairman and chief sustainability officer at Mondaine Group, began his journey towards sustainability at a time when most companies were still questioning the science.

“We recognized decades ago that the situation was dire. We were the pioneers in sustainability in the watch industry and are now one of the world’s leading watch companies in this area. The comprehensive CO2 neutrality, which we achieved for the first time in 2020, is a major milestone for us and the watch industry, but we too are striving to make even further efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our great and CO2 neutral products are good for you and the environment, at no additional cost for consumers,” he says.


Mondaine Group’s ecological balance sheet was calculated by a specialized consulting company and includes all watch components, their transport to our factory, manufacturing in in Switzerland, business trips and the transport of the watches to our sales partners and direct customers.

For Mr Bernheim, taking care of the planet is also good for business. “Consumers today are more informed, more demanding, and more critical than ever before. A perfect product is not only expected to be of good quality and of a good price-to-performance ratio, but consumers pay more and more attention to sustainability,” he suggests.

“We are offering our customers all of this, to their benefit and for the world, and this even with no additional cost for our consumers. Selecting our product doesn’t burden the ecology, our watches are CO2 neutral,” he concludes.

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