Mondaine creates 2012-inspired Big Ben in Zurich


By Deepa Narwani

Mondaine is celebrating the 2012 Olympic Games by trandforming the iconic Swiss Railway Clock in Zurich station into a Mondaine Big Ben – a ten metre high replica of London’s historical timepiece.

For the duration of the Games the clock will serve as the rallying point for all Swiss television live broadcasting of the event, playing on Mondaine’s heritage as the creator of the Official Swiss Railways Watch collection.


The railway clock in Zurich station has long been a meeting point for people, but its Big Ben makeover will make it a talking point and a likely photo opportinuty for tourists and those travelling to and from the station.

Its facade is decorated to look like the detailed stonework on Big Ben in London, with the phrase ‘It’s time for London’ written on each side.

Mondaine’s railways watches take the simple black, white and red colourscheme and rounded seconds hand of the famous Swiss clocks – many of which can be found in London’s Canary Wharf showcasing time zones across the world.



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