Mondaine adds smaller and cheaper hybrid watches to its connected collection


Mondaine was one of the first Swiss watchmakers to market with a connected hybrid watch in 2016, and is building on its early success with a number of smaller and less expensive models launching this week.

Using 281 module technology created in collaboration with MMT (formerly owned by Frederique Constant), the Mondaine Helvetica Regular Smartwatch can sync with an iOS or Android phone through the MMT-365 app

It can also receive call and email notifications, track daily activity, monitor sleep; and set sleep cycle alarms that ensure waking up during a light sleep phase.


Get active alerts encourage a more active lifestyle, and the accompanying smartphone app gives health tips via the dynamic coaching.

All data is synced to a cloud-based server so it is safe even if the customer loses their phone or watch.

The 40mm steel piece has a minimalist chapter ring on its dial, with hour indicators in the Helvectica font.

The inner part of the dial is where smart features are displayed, moving the hands to the 2, 4, 8 or 10 o’clock position indicate a smart function.

The £450 ($630 aprox.) watches come in white, white and grey, black, or blue, along with a complimentary leather strap.


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