Mondaine adds Barclaycard contactless chip to straps


Mondaine has become the watch partner of Barclaycard’s contactless bPay payment system.

Mondaine is the only traditional watch partner of the bPay Loop, a keeper fitted with NFC chip that allows for contactless payments using Barclaycard. Devices from Fitbit and Garmin also use the bPay Loop.

“Mondaine dedicates itself to keeping things simple, genuine and in time with the modern world. By partnering with Barclaycard to offer bPay Loop, Mondaine continues to unite timeless Swiss design with form, function and invention,” said Colin Lee, director of sales, timepieces at Burton McCall. “We already play an active role in promoting and creating smart, yet traditional-looking wearables and with this new partnership Mondaine is now leading the charge for simple well-designed wearable payment devices both in the UK and international markets.”


The bPay Loop will fit any Mondaine model with a pin buckle strap but will first be introduced to hero lines, the Evo Big Date and Simply Elegant for both men and women.

bPay Loop users add funds to a digital wallet using it to pay for transactions of £30 or less at over 400,000 locations nationwide. The system is available to anyone with a UK-registered Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.


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