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Minuteman watches seeks to brighten the future of American vets with military watches


American-made watch company Minuteman has announced the charity it will support for 2018 is Team Rubicon.

Minuteman is an American born watchmakers that focuses on a few USPs; one is that its watches are made in America, the other is that it focuses heavily on supporting American veteran charities.

It explains that 25% of its annual sales go towards benefiting veterans and their families. In addition, with a $40 deposit paid for its latest timepieces, a portion is given to the charity.


The patriotic company does however admit that its effort for a totally American-made product can hinder the business.

“As many of you know we assemble in the USA. Most similar micro brands have everything done in China. Because we assemble in the US our assembly cost is six times higher. We also source our packaging in the USA which is about triple the cost others pay for their packaging. Another factor is the fact that our yearly production is a fraction of the other brands. “

Team Rubicon is a charity that focuses on helping veterans integrate themselves back into society, feel a sense of community, and support any mental health issues.

The watches to be included are a family of 42mm stainless steel watches, sporting a Ronda 715 movement and a choice of  dials. The pieces comes feature oversized hour indicators, date at 3 o’clock, the Team Rubicon logo in the center and a nylon military style strap.

The retail price is $368, said to go up to $490 after all the pre-order period.


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