Michel Herbelin backs new brand ambassador Aurélien Ducroz


The Michel Herbelin French Watchmaking Studio has introduced its new ambassador, French skier/skipper Aurélien Ducroz.

Two-time world freeride skiing champion and four-time Verbier Xtreme winner, the sportsman is also a veteran sailor who has made documentaries about his adventures in the mountains and at sea.

Michel Herbelin is celebrating this partnership by backing Aurélien Ducroz in his next race, the Transat Jacques Vabre.

Departing from Le Havre on Sunday 27 October and arriving in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, in mid-November, Ducroz will wear the Newport Automatic Regatta Chronograph during the crossing. Made for yacht racing, this watch will be his loyal ally aboad, helping keep track of his vessel’s time and speed.

“This partnership is first and foremost about mutual respect and friendship, just as with our two other ambassadors, mixologist Guillaume Guerbois and chef Xavier Pincemin,” explains Pierre-Michel Herbelin, chairman of the watchmaking brand. “I met Aurélien Ducroz by sheer chance – and I find that as well as being a world-class sportsman, he’s heartwarmingly authentic. He’s so courageous and he never gives up. When he takes on a challenge, he’ll do whatever it takes. He shares all our dearest values, which makes him a perfect partner for our brand.”

Aurélien Ducroz concurs: “My connection with French watchmaking brand Michel Herbelin is based on a meeting of minds and mutual interests. We quickly established close ties through our shared love for the sea and the mountains. I really appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received at this brand, where know-how and passion are passed down the generations. I am happy – and, above all, proud – to have become a sort of honorary member of the Herbelin family!”

Aurélien Ducroz set off for the Transat Jacques Vabre, departing from Le Havre on Sunday 27 October and is scheduled to reach Salvador de Bahia in Brazil between 12 and 17 November.

On his wrist he wears the Newport Automatic Regatta Chronograph, issued in a series of 100.

It is designed to function in all weathers to help him stay on course, and also features a five- and ten-minute countdown timer to the regatta start time.



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