Mercari Academy creates international course for watch distribution entrepreneurs


A Geneva-based training centre, Mercari Academy, has developed an international course specialising in the business of watch distribution.

The six week course is run online, so can be taken from anywhere in the world, and is broken down into several two hour modules.

The ultimate aim is to help watchmaking businesses select the right distributors and work with them to ensure success for both partners.

Modules are described as:

Brand & products. Learn how to define your watch brand and products. Through a “sales point of view”, get a general understanding on how to position your brand, how to identify your competitors, and how to recognize the market dynamics that will affect your business. Review of current watch trends and relevant statistics.

Intermediaries. Learn how to correctly distinguish key intermediaries for your watch business and how to categorize their advantages, disadvantages, and expectations. Explore how to identify different market topologies and how to select the best channels for your watch business.

Services. Discover what services are expected with watch sales. An in-depth look at channel management best practices, the best ways to interact with other departments within your company, how to best manage stock and inventory, and key requirements for top-notch after sales service.

Sell & negotiate. Gain an in-depth understanding of business cockpits and essential tools to allow you to pilot watch sales worldwide. Learn best practices in watch business planning, forecasting, budgeting, sales cockpit, setting margins, drafting contracts, and adjusting prices.

Markets. Through my own personal experiences, gain a deeper understanding about various international markets and how their customs, traditions, and expectations impact your watch brand. Recognize the best ways to react to exchange rates, devaluations, and inflations. Get inside knowledge on corruption, criminality, economic sanctions, and other oftentimes “off-limit” subjects vital to the success of your watch brand.

Digital distribution. Ride the next big wave of the digital revolution with distribution 3.0. As consumer behavior and purchasing habits change before our eyes, discover how to seek new opportunities for your watch brand. Uncover essential information on how to be first in line to reach untapped markets and how to create new sale prospects.

The course, priced at $580, runs from April 19th to May 31st.



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