Which men’s watch is most attractive according to ladies?

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Montredo has released a survey it conducted, the survey sought to figure out which watch ladies found most attractive on a man.

German-based watch ecommerce Montredo surveyed 100 women between 20-39, showing them various watches and asking them whether they liked or disliked the mens’ pieces.

“To make our results as representative as possible, we have included a wide range of watches from the all-time classics, like the Omega Speedmaster Professional and the TAG Heuer Monaco, to a more subtle dress watch variety, such as the NOMOS Tangente and the Junghans Max Bill.” explains the company.

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Topping the list was the German made Nomos Tangente, it would seem plausible that Montredo asked 100 German women and patriotism played its part. It is stated 85% of the 100 women liked the minimalist timepiece.

Other notable mentions include the second place watch, with 77% of ladies liking it, the Longines Heritage Chronograph, a very different piece from the Nomos. Another interesting stat is the Rolex representative in the survey, the Rolex Milgauss had an approval of only 55%.

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