MeisterSinger’s single-hand concept gains industry acceptance


MeisterSinger, the Münster-based watchmaker, claims retailers are rushing to place orders for its single-hand mechanical watches as the concept gains popularity in international markets.

The company, which recently announced it is expanding its collection of more affordable timepieces, the Urban, revealed that it triumphed at Baselworld last month by taking nearly 20% more orders than it did last year.

John van Steen, sales director at MeisterSinger, added: “Whether from India, USA, or Germany – among customers, the single-hand watch concept has gained itself a reputation as a persuasive addition in the brand range.”


“Our sales at the fair are again up 18% year-on-year, we have had further negotiations on broadening our range of distribution and welcomed leading jewellers from all over the world. We will now be planning our next appearance and look forward to the next Baselworld in 2019.”

The brand’s success at the trade show comes after it extended its affordable timepieces range, The Urban.

The latest creation in the collection was designed in a manner to ‘ideally match the effortless outfit of the cosmopolitan global citizen, the streetscape of the modern city – and everyone who prefers simple elegance to complexity’.

The wristwatch features the typical hallmarks of a MeisterSinger timepiece, as well as new twists, such as digits placed at nine, three, six, and 12 o’clock in large typography.

Founder and managing director, Manfred Brassler, said: “We make 75% of our sales on the international market and the Baselworld is an exceptionally important event for us. Our new trade show presentation and our latest model innovations proved to be extremely popular – particularly our moon phase watch with 128 years precision.”


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