Meistersinger reverses time on limited edition for Arabian market


Arabs read their language right to left so why not tell the time that way too, German watchmaker Meistersinger asked itself when planning a limited edition specially for Dubai Watch Week.

That watch, named the Circularis Reverse, has the Meistersinger signature dial with only an hour hand telling the time.

But, for a limited edition of only 25 pieces, that hour hand and the layout of the dial have been reversed.


The watch was made specifically for Meistersinger’s partner in the UAE, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, which sold every one of the 25 watches before they even landed at Dubai Watch Week, which kicked-off yesterday.

Circularis is one of Meistersinger’s most premium families, and the Reverse retailed for €4,490.

Meistersinger used a modified MSA01 movement for the watch, and says that making it run anti-clockwise was far more complex than it first imagined and required 11 new components to be incorporated.

The result is not a new, but a thoroughly redesigned movement in which the date is also switched the other way around.

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