Meistersinger and its retail partners raise €16,200 for healthcare charities


Meistersinger has presented checks for a total of €16,200 to the German Red Cross, the Dutch Red Cross and the Austrian Green Cross.

The money was raised during the covid quarter when the German-based watch business donated €100 for every Meistersinger watch sold online by one its retail partners in the Netherlands, Austria and Germany.

Not only did this initiative raise money for health charities in Europe, it also drove much needed sales for its authorized dealers while their physical stores were closed.


After shops reopened, the plan was extended to brick and mortar sales and extended until the end of June to encourage customers to visit their local watch boutiques.

“This is confirmation of how important it is to break new ground together in difficult times. We thank our partner jewelers and customers for their commitment,” says MeisterSinger managing director John van Steen.

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