Medusa anti-theft system signs showcase supplier


Retail robbery deterrent system Medusa has signed up a showcase supplier which now offers products containing the expanding foam system.

Surrey-based Showcase Hire 4-Interior now offers displays that meet the Medusa specification, offering added piece of mind to customers hiring display cases from them.

Showcase Hire 4-Interior’s sales and marketing director, Kimberley Burnell, said: “The Medusa specification has been developed with the aid of Insurers, the Metropolitan Police Service and industry professionals to withstand the increasingly ferocious and sophisticated methods of today’s ‘smash- and-grab’ thieves, and is a combination of several components – including extra-strong laminated glass – a detection system and a specialised hardening foam response. Together they make the showcase uniquely resistant to smash-and-grab crimes”.


The Medusa system is triggered when its display case is subjected to a sustained attack. Within seconds the case fills with expandable, quick-drying foam which encases all products within it. The solid foam prevents the removal of individual items, whilst the large size of the dry foam block, still within the cabinet, makes its removal extremely unlikely.

In the event of a Medusa system being triggered during a robbery, the company dispatches replacement cabinets and retrieves the items from within the foam.

According to the SaferGems Crime Reports 29 smash and grab raids were recorded in the UK in 2014, resulting in the loss of £3m of goods.

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